We pride ourselves on being Toronto's trusted location for custom countertop manufacturing.

Abacus in partnership with Premoule, ensures every customer receives the highest quality products from start to finish.

For 45 years, Prémoulé has differentiated itself from other manufacturers by its ambitious development strategies and its level of outstanding quality. It has become a benchmark in the industry, Prémoulé increases its product quality while focusing on a personal and simple customer experience.

Abacus is a licensed and authorized manufacturing company with premoule, offering various options from countertops to doors. for more information and a list of cutting stations please visit thier official website at www.premoule.com.


We offer custom edges to suit the style you’re looking for. Whether you want a more traditional look, or a modern one, we can provide you with an affordable custom edge for your countertop that will reflect your diverse needs.

  • Bevelled Laminate (various colors available in laminate moldings)
  • Wood (Solid Oak or Maple wood moldings in multiple)
  • Post-formed
  • Square-Edged
  • Stainless Steel Edges + Lookalike Laminate

*We are proud to note that all countertops are made of the best particle board available and use only the finest adhesives.




Our solid wood countertops are primarily made using Michigan Maple wood - a strong, high-quality wood that makes an excellent choice for your countertop. From its blonde to reddish-brown appearance, Michigan maple makes any home feel complete, and is a popular choice among many of our customers for its beautifully crafted finish.

We also offer other wood types such as Black Walnut and Cherry. Black Walnut has more of a contemporary feel, with its dark and rich tones making it the perfect fit for a modern home design. Consequently, Cherry wood is much softer and timeless with its amber tones. This choice is ideal for customers looking to add depth to their space with a fine grain wood that only gets better with age.

Please note that all of our wood counter tops have a urethane oil finish to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.


Our post-formed laminate counter tops are the most economical choice and require very low maintenance.

Depending on your preference, we can manufacture laminate counter tops using substrate from plywood, particle board, or MDF upon request.

All of our seams are professionally sealed with top-quality colour co-ordinated liquid plastic making them less visible and resistant to water damage.

*Professional countertop installations are available and can be made by request.

Please visit our showroom to view 1000's of samples, and let our knowledgeable staff assist you with your next countertop purchase.

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